Thursday, 15 August 2013

Singapore Vaccination Schedule

Singapore Vaccination/Immunization Schedule from HPB

Note: Only Diphtheria and measles vaccinations are COMPULSORY by law and a punishable offense.

Forum discussion on where to obtain single component measles vaccine.
- Raffles Hospital
- Japan Green Clinic

Diptheria is not available as a single component vaccine, the minimum combination is the 3-in-1, DTaP (Diptheria + Tetanus + Pertussis) or DT (Diptheria + Tetanus).

There is no law stating that the 6-in-1, or 5-in-1 (combination DTaP+IPV+Hib+HepB) or MMR (combination mumps, measles, rubella) are compulsory for school entrance however it is listed under the recommended schedule by HPB.

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